Waka Waka

    Waka Waka is a 210 meter long fast-paced adrenaline rush!

    Waka Waka is the first water slide of its kind in Europe. The ride can be compared to skiing, when you take out the cutting in one turn and where you get a wonderful speed boost with each turn. Jump in the raft and get ready for a crazy fun ride!

    Swimming safety

    For everyone's safety, special rules and guidelines apply in all our pools and water attractions. Read our rules and guidelines for swimming and water attractions.

    • Längdgräns
      Minst 120 cm
    • Banans längd
      210 m
    • Fallhöjd
      23 m
    • Åktid
      ca 20 sek
    • Antal åkare
      2-3 pers/flotte
    • Vattenflöde
      9 000 liter/min
    • Tillverkare
      Proslide (Kanada)