Fight the whirlpool and see how many laps you can manage to ride in the large cylindrical container!

    Vortex is one of Skara Sommarland's wettest attractions where you start by going down a long tube at breakneck speed. The journey in the long tube ends with you finally ending up in a large container where you can go around several laps before ending up in the landing pool.

    Compete against yourself or others to see how many laps you can complete in the whirlpool of water. The more speed you get on the first part of the track, the greater the chance for more laps! The most experienced riders manage 4-5 laps in the large tank before being flushed into the landing pool. Maybe that's a goal to have in mind!

    Driving rules and swimming requirements

    In order to ride in the Vortex, you must have good swimming and water skills. This is because the landing pool is a full 3 meters deep and the drop height is 1.5 meters. You must be at least 120 centimeters tall and may weigh a maximum of 110 kilograms.

    Swimming safety

    For everyone's safety, special rules and guidelines apply in all our pools and water attractions. Read our rules and guidelines for swimming and water attractions.

    • Längdgräns
      Minst 120 cm
    • Antal åkare
      1 pers/åktur