Tickets and payment

    What is included in the admission ticket?

    Unlimited access to Scandinavia’s largest water park throughout your visit An action-packed half day at our funfair with unlimited access to all the rides (you must book the time of your visit in advance) Please note that Imola 2000 and Formula Indykart are not included in your admission ticket. These rides cost SEK 30 per go.

    How do I book a visit to the park using my season pass?

    Visits using a season pass can be booked here.

    Can I cancel my ticket or change the booking?

    You can cancel or change your booking up to 48 hours before you arrive. Note that you can only change your booking to another date with the same admission price. For bookings cancelled later than 48 hours before your visit and before 9:00 on the day of your visit, a cancellation fee of SEK 295 will be charged per order. For a booking cancelled after 9:00 on the day of your visit, the whole order total will be charged.

    How do I cancel my ticket or change the booking?

    Go to My Pages at to change your booking, subject to space availability. You can cancel or change your booking up to 48 hours before your arrival time. Note that you can only change your booking to another date with the same admission price as the date you have already booked. Subject to availability, you can also change your entrance time, the time of your visit to Tivolilandet and your Jetpass at any time on the day of your visit.

    To cancel or change your booking, log in to My Pages, go to Menu and My Orders and click on the order you want to change.

    If you want to cancel your ticket or re-book your visit for a day with a different price, contact our Booking Service using the contact form on our website.

    How do I cancel my ticket or change the booking using my season pass?

    Go to My Pages at to change your booking or cancel your visit, subject to space availability. You can cancel or change your booking up to 48 hours before your arrival time. Subject to availability, you can also change your entrance time, the time of your visit to Tivolilandet and your Jetpass at any time on the day of your visit.

    To cancel or change your booking, log in to My Pages, go to Menu and My Orders and click on the order you want to change.

    I have booked tickets to enter the park at a specific time. Can I arrive earlier or later?

    Your entrance time is within a slot of 20 minutes. It is important to enter during this time to keep things running smoothly and safely. You cannot enter before your allocated entrance time. For example, if your entrance time is 10:00–10:20, you will not be allowed to enter until 10:00.

    Which rides is my child allowed to go on?

    Your child can go on all the rides that are included in the admission ticket. However, height or age restrictions apply to some of our rides. Check Skara Sommarland’s height table to see which rides you or your kids can go on.

    When is someone regarded as an adult?

    All visitors under 18 count as children. Children less than 1 metre enter the park free of charge and do not need to book in advance. Anyone taller than 1 metre must always book in advance.

    Do you accept payment in cash at the park?

    No. The park became completely cashless in 2021, so only card payment is accepted.

    Can I buy a gift voucher?

    Yes. Gift vouchers can be ordered via our webshop or purchased from the park’s Guest Service.

    The funfair area

    Do I have to pre-book times to go on all the rides?

    No, not at all. You can go on our water rides as well as Tranan, Snake and Spinner as much as you want, all day long!

    In addition, you can spend four hours of your visit at Tivolilandet, where our other rides are located. Book your visit to Tivolilandet at the same time as you book to visit the park.

    You can also book a Jetpass to use the express queue for our new ride Snake when you book your visit. You cannot book a Jetpass for Snake after you have completed your booking.

    When can i visit Tivolilandet?

    When you bought your ticket, you had the option to book a time to visit Tivolilandet. You have free access to all the rides in the funfair for four hours after your booked starting time.

    When you arrive at the park, you’ll be given a wristband for the rides. The colour of the wristband will show whether you have chosen an afternoon visit or a morning visit. With the wristband, you can go in and out of Tivolilandet as much as you want during your time slot.


    What rules apply to advance booking for guests who have booked accommodation?

    This year we’ve introduced many exciting new features at Skara Sommarland. These include the option of booking the express queue for our new ride Snake, booking a morning or afternoon visit to Tivolilandet, and booking your entrance time.

    If you’ve booked accommodation, you don’t need to book a half day visit to our funfair in advance. Instead, you can choose when you arrive at the entrance whether you want to visit Tivolilandet in the morning or the afternoon. You don’t need to book an entrance time to the park. Instead, you simply enter the park when you want through the campsite entrance on the day or days when you are visiting. In addition, you won’t have the option of booking the express queue for Snake. But don’t worry – you’re still free to use the ordinary queue and go on Snake all day long!

    Where can I view my accommodation booking?

    You’ll receive a confirmation email after booking your accommodation. You can view your accommodation booking on My Pages at


    How much does parking cost?

    Parking costs SEK 60 for one day. You can pay using the parking meters at the car park, or via the Apcoa Flow app, zone code 7385.

    Do I get free parking if I have a Sommarlandskortet?

    Yes, you do. When you bought your Sommarlandskortet, you should also have received a parking pass to display clearly inside your car windscreen when you park at Skara Sommarland. If you haven’t got your parking pass, speak to Guest Service when you arrive at the park. We’ll be happy to help.

    Do you have charging spaces for electric cars/plug-in hybrid cars?

    Yes, there are charging spaces at the visitor car park. Read more about parking and charging facilities here.

    Can I park my car overnight?

    The car park next to the park is only open during the day. Violations will be prosecuted.


    Can I bring beer or wine into the park?

    No, you are not allowed to bring your own alcohol into Skara Sommarland. However, the restaurants Bryggan and Mexican Corner serve alcoholic beverages.

    Can I bring a pet to the park?

    Pets are not allowed in the park. Skara Sommarland advises strongly against leaving pets in a car unsupervised. This is for the safety of your pet. Guide dogs for the blind and partially sighted are allowed in the park

    Can I bring a kick scooter or similar personal transportation vehicle into the park?

    For safety reasons, it is not permitted to bring kick bikes, skateboards, inlines, bicycles or any other personal transportation vehicles into the park.

    Is smoking allowed in the park?

    Out of respect for other guests, we aim to keep the park smoke-free. Guests who smoke can use our marked smoking areas, which are located around the park.

    Can I leave the park temporarily?

    Yes, but ask our entrance staff for a re-entry ticket before leaving the park if you want to come back on the same day.

    Safety and security

    Are there medical staff at the park?

    Yes, our medical station is next to the water park. The medical staff there can provide advice and assistance with minor injuries and wounds. You can also contact our switchboard on +46 10-708 8000 if you need assistance anywhere in the park.

    Do you have contact wristbands for children?

    Yes. Inside the entrance to the park you can pick up a contact wristband to put round your child’s wrist. Please write your contact details on the wristband so that someone can contact you if your child gets lost in the park.

    Tip: Because the park is big, it’s a good idea to agree in advance on a place to meet if you lose each other.

    Are there lifeguards in the water park?

    Yes, of course! There are attendants at most of our water attractions and lifeguards at the pools. Always follow our staff’s instructions and guidelines for your own and other guests’ safety. All our life guards are trained in CPR.

    Is there a defibrillator at the park?

    Yes, there are two. One is at the medical station and the other is at the campsite reception.

    Facilities and services

    Are there child carts available to rent?

    Yes, you’ll find child carts to rent next to our two entrances. We suggest you arrive early, since on some days there are not enough carts for all our guests.

    Are barbecues allowed in the park?

    No. For fire safety reasons, it is forbidden to light barbecues anywhere in the park and we do not lend barbecues to visitors.

    Do you have baby changing tables and a breastfeeding room?

    There’s a baby changing room next to Guest Service with a microwave oven and privacy for breastfeeding. There is a baby changing table next to the toilets.

    Where can i find a map of the park?

    You can pick up a map of the park at the entrance to the park and from the campsite reception.

    Can I buy rain clothes and umbrellas at the park?

    We sell rain ponchos and umbrellas at the park.

    Food and drink

    What eateries are there to choose from?

    You have plenty of choices including hamburgers, salads, sandwiches, pancakes and more. Lactose-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options are also available. Around the park you’ll also find kiosks and cafés where you can buy pancakes, ice cream, popcorn, candy floss, light meals, etc.

    Can I bring my own food to the park?

    Yes. We have picnic tables in various places throughout the park.

    Water park

    What type of swimwear is allowed?

    You may only use swimwear designed for use in pools. Underwear is not allowed. There are also wetsuits available to rent at the water park.

    Is the water in your pools heated?

    Yes, we heat the water to +25°C.

    How long can I stay in the water park?

    You have access to the water park during your whole visit.

    Is there a storage place where I can leave my bag?

    Yes. There is a bag storage facility next to the water park where you can leave your bag for a small fee. We also rent out lockers where you can store your valuables while visiting the water park. You can also rent wetsuits and swim vests there

    Do you rent out wetsuits?

    Yes. You can rent wetsuits from our bag storage facility. A wetsuit is ideal if you’re sensitive to the cold or want to enjoy the water park on days when there’s no sunshine. Please note that proof of identity is required in order to rent a wetsuit.

    Lost property

    What if I lose something at the park?

    If you lose something, you should ask at Guest Service outside the main entrance or at the campsite reception. This is where all lost property is taken. If your lost item has not yet been handed in, our staff will take your details and phone number and contact you if it is found. If you need to report lost property after your visit, feel free to contact us.

    What should I do if my child gets lost?

    If you lose your child, please contact one of our many staff at the park. They will be happy to help. Feel free to pick up a contact wristband from the park entrance for your child to wear, in case you lose each other.

    I’ve lost my season pass. What should I do?

    If the season ticket is registered with your personal details, we can easily block it and transfer your details to a replacement ticket. This is done at the park’s Guest Service. The fee for a replacement ticket is SEK 150 per ticket.


    We make sure you feel safe during your visit to Skara Sommarland.

    Rules and guidelines for water rides and attractions

    • All visitors in the pool area must wear swimming trunks, a swimming costume, a bikini or a burkini when using the pool. • Take a shower before your first swim. • Babies and toddlers must wear a swim nappy. • For hygiene reasons, swimwear made of cotton or similar materials is not allowed. • It is forbidden to bring snorkelling equipment, swim rings and water toys into the pool area, due to safety and infection risks. • Inflatable armbands and safety vests may be used. Inflatable armbands are sold at our shop Sommarlandsshopen. • The pool is heated, usually to a temperature of 22–25 degrees Celsius, although the temperature can vary depending on the weather. • We reserve the right to close off all or parts of the pool area in the event of repair works, cleaning, bad weather, etc. In such cases, no compensation will be paid. • Follow the staff’s instructions • You’ll always be safe on our rides if you follow the staff’s instructions. Some rides require you to use special safety equipment in order to ride.

    Daily procedures

    All our rides, attractions and play areas are checked daily and inspected by a competent authority according to current rules and regulations.

    Park attendants

    Wherever you are in the park, at least one of our 200 park attendants is always close at hand. There are 15 attendants in our water park. All park attendants in the pool area have special training, for instance in CPR.

    First Aid

    We have a First Aid station at the water park. There you’ll find trained medical staff to help you in the event of an accident. The First Aid station is located next to Splashing Hill.


    For your safety, height and weight restrictions apply to some of our rides. Check Skara Sommarland’s height table to see which rides you can go on. Some attractions may be temporarily closed in the event of thunderstorm.


    At Skara Sommarland, we aim to make the park accessible to everyone. That’s why we’re continuously working to give guests with disabilities the best possible experience. Useful information for guests with disabilities Skara Sommarland is a wonderful place to visit, with its funfair and water park. The park has a few places with uneven surfaces, and has mostly asphalt roads and a few gravel paths. The park mainly consists of large, open areas.


    We recommend our own campsite, which has several accessible cabins. The campsite is just a stone’s throw away from the park and has its own entrance to Skara Sommarland. For more information about our accommodation options, you can call us on +46 10-708 70 00

    Public transport

    There are arrival and departure bus stops for public transport about 250 metres from Skara Sommarland’s Main Entrance. Buses 200, 211 and 212 operated by Västtrafik stop at the bus stop, which is called Sommarland. There is space just outside the Main Entrance where special transport services can drop off and pick up guests with disabilities.


    There are parking spaces for guests with disabilities just next to the Main Entrance. Please display your disabled parking permit on the car’s front windscreen. Note that a parking fee applies.

    Personal attendant or personal assistant

    Guests with disabilities pay the normal admission price, but personal attendants or assistants of guests with physical or invisible disabilities have free admission. The personal attendant/assistant must be at least 16 years old and must show proof of identity. Family members and friends pay the normal admission price.

    Guests with disabilities must bring certification of their disability and display it at the entrance. The certificate should include your name and a brief description of your special needs. We accept certification from healthcare professionals, municipal authorities, schools and assistance companies. Book your personal attendant/assistant’s visit via this link after booking tickets for the guest with the disability and, if applicable, other people in the group. Be prepared to show the certificate at Guest Service when you arrive at the park.

    If a guest with a disability needs help getting in and out of a ride, the personal attendant/assistant can, of course, ride with them.

    Guide dogs and service dogs

    Working guide dogs and service dogs are welcome, provided they wear a vest and harness. Other animals are not allowed in the park.

    Fairground rides

    Most of our fairground rides can be accessed by wheelchair via the ride’s exit. If you have difficulty getting into and out of a ride, you may remain on the ride until it starts up again (for a maximum of three consecutive times). The personal attendant/assistant should help the disabled guest to get into and out of the ride. Some rides (e.g. Gruvbanan, Spinner and Vikingen) have steps or uneven surfaces. For more information about our different rides, you can contact Guest Service at the Main Entrance or in the park.

    Accessibility wristbands

    Guests with invisible disabilities (who cannot use our ordinary queuing lanes) also have the option of entering through our exits. You can pick up a wristband from our Guest Service after displaying certification of your disability. The certificate should include your name, phone number and a brief description of your special needs, as well as the signature, name and contact details of a person who is familiar with your challenges. We accept certification from healthcare professionals, schools and (if applicable) assistance companies. Persons younger than 18 must also be accompanied by an adult (aged 18 or older) to get the wristband, and may be accompanied on the rides by up to one person per ride. In our water park, we have difficulty allowing people with disabilities to enter through the exit.

    We generally have fewer guests in June, so that is a good time to visit us if you have difficulty dealing with large crowds and long queues.


    All our restaurants offer lactose-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options. If you have other allergies or intolerances, or if you need help reading the menu or having your food served, staff nearby will be happy to help you. All our restaurants can accommodate wheelchairs, although Reef Burgers can get quite crowded inside.


    There are restrooms with wheelchair access in the following places:

    • Inside the main entrance • Next to Guest Service in the park • By the showers in the water park • By Sagopoolsgrillen in the water park • By the restaurant Restaurang Bryggan • By the railway station (open during parts of the season)

    Peace and quiet

    If you need a quiet break, there are several places in the park where you can recharge your batteries during your visit. We recommend the area around the Restaurang Bryggan restaurant or the area next to the playground.

    Getting here

    Skara Sommarland is located a few kilometres outside Skara, and we also have a large campsite right next to the park. Here is our address and directions on how to reach us. Welcome! Skara Sommarland is located beside road 49 between Skara and Skövde. Approximately 8 km from Skara and 24 km from Skövde. Here you can see Skara Sommarland’s position on Google Maps.

    Where is the campsite?

    The campsite is right next to the park. Drive past the large car park beside the main entrance and continue for about 400 metres. You’ll see our campsite on the right.

    Are you travelling by car?

    From Stockholm, 350 km Drive south along the E20. In Skara, take the exit for Skövde on road 49. Follow the signs for Skara Sommarland.

    From Gothenburg, 135 km Drive north along the E20. In Skara, take the exit for Skövde on road 49. Follow the signs for Skara Sommarland.

    From Jönköping, 100 km Drive north along road 47 towards Falköping. At Falköping, turn off onto road 184. Follow the signs to Skara Sommarland.

    From Karlstad, 165 km Drive south along the E18. After Kristinehamn, take the exit for Gullspång/Mariestad on road 26. At the E20, drive south towards Skara. In Skara, take the exit for Skövde on road 49. Follow the signs to Skara Sommarland.

    Are you coming by train or bus?

    The nearest railway station is Skövde C. From there take bus 200, which stops right beside our visitor car park. The name of the bus stop is Sommarland. Read more on the Västtrafik website

    Useful tip if you’re travelling from Gothenburg With the ‘Regionen runt’ day pass, you can travel all the way here on the same ticket. Read more about Västtrafik day passes.

    Useful tip if you’re travelling from Stockholm The ‘Skaraborgaren’ bus will take you directly to our Main Entrance without any changes. Read more about Skaraborgaren.