We make sure you feel safe during your visit to Skara Sommarland.

    Rules and guidelines for bathing and water attractions

    • Anyone who wants to swim at Skara Sommarland does so in clothing intended for swimming.
    • Shower before the first dip.
    • The very little ones use a swim nappy.
    • Using arm puffs or a life jacket is fine. Arm poufs are available to buy in Supermarket.
    • The pool is heated and usually lies between 22-25 degrees, but the temperature can vary depending on the weather.
    • We reserve the right to close parts or the entire pool area during repair work, cleaning, adverse weather, etc. Compensation is not paid in such cases.
    • As a parent, you are responsible for your child's safety. Buoyancy aids do not guarantee that your child can bathe alone. Always be at arm's length!

    Follow the staff's instructions

    You always ride safely in our attractions when you follow the staff's instructions. Some attractions have special protective equipment that you must use in order to ride.

    Daily procedures

    All our attractions and playgrounds are checked through daily routines and inspected by the competent authority in accordance with current regulations.

    Park hosts

    Wherever you are in the park, one or a few of our park hosts are nearby. All park attendants in the bath have, among other things, undergone cardiopulmonary resuscitation training.

    First aid

    In the water park you will find First Aid. There are medically trained personnel here to help you if an accident occurs. You will find First Aid next to Splashing Hill.


    Some attractions have height and weight limits for your safety. If you want to see what exactly you can go check out Skara Sommarland's length table. In the event of thunderstorms, some attractions may be temporarily closed.