Fly freely like a bird among the clouds and spy down on everyone on the ground in Tranan!

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        Tranan is a high-flying roller coaster where you sit in one of the gondolas that hang freely from the crane's wings. You float along as the Crane glides and spins around the rails and you get the feeling of going on a magical flight.

        Tranan is a slightly kinder roller coaster. But it is also a world-unique roller coaster that fans the world over are talking about. The attraction is the only roller coaster in the world where the riders hang freely outside the rails, and will probably be the only one built in this way.

        Tranan is a childishly fun ride and is suitable for anyone looking for a unique experience. Lifting off the ground and floating has never felt so cool!

        Driving rules

        In the carriages, you can sit a maximum of four people in a row, and to ride Tranan you must be at least 110 centimeters tall. For your safety, you are allowed to weigh a maximum of 135 kilos and you should preferably leave all loose items on the ground to avoid them being dropped during the ride.

        • Längdgräns
          från 110 cm

        Guidelines for dress in the attractions

        In order to ride in the attractions at Tivolit, you need to wear clothes on both the upper and lower body, not just swimwear.