If you are a person who likes roller coasters but at the same time wants to try something a little different, then the attraction Spinner is clearly something for you!

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        During this fun ride, you get a taste of a classic roller coaster with a cool twist. It is because the carriage itself that you are sitting in spins around at the same time as it moves forward! Up, down, back, to the side and then spin a few turns and back again. Do you have any idea which direction you're actually going?

        The spinning carriage can make you easily disoriented and it will therefore be a very exciting experience to take a ride on this roller coaster. A few screams, lots of laughs and a lot of excitement are elicited by this completely twisted attraction. You are guaranteed to experience action, speed, high altitudes and spinning magic!

        Driving rules

        To ride Spinner, you must be at least 140 centimeters tall, but it is fine to be 120 centimeters tall in the company of an adult. The maximum length for this attraction is 195 centimeters. The maximum weight per carriage with four seats may not exceed 300 kilos.

        • Längdgräns
          från 140 cm
        • Längdgräns med vuxen
          från 120 cm
        • Övre viktgräns
          300 kg/vagn

        Guidelines for dress in the attractions

        In order to ride in the attractions at Tivolit, you need to wear clothes on both the upper and lower body, not just swimwear.